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Turn the Impossible Into Reality

Turn the Impossible into Reality           As you walk into a place called “Bug’s Land” in California Adventure in Anaheim, California, you see yourself shrink into a new perspective. Who could possibly create such a detailed illusion? The Disney Imagineers. Ever since 1952, Walt Disney needed people to help him create … Continue reading


Week Without Walls Reflection

   From October 21 to the 26, 13 students endured the short bus ride to the Culinary Institute in Lo Barnechea for Nido de Aguilas‘ Week Without Walls. The students, and I were ready for a week of cooking. Once we got to the institute it appeared to be a small house, but it had … Continue reading


Out Of Office

Out of Office Thank you for your message. However, I am currently out of the office. You see, my wife, Tonya, has been taken hostage by these men in blue jackets. Why they have taken her is that I believe on a December night about five years ago she was with some friends and she … Continue reading