Out Of Office

Out of Office
Thank you for your message. However, I am currently out of the office. You see, my wife, Tonya, has been taken hostage by these men in blue jackets. Why they have taken her is that I believe on a December night about five years ago she was with some friends and she stole a baby aardvark from the Blue Zoo. As a result they have asked for me to do a task to get her back.

The task they have given me is to find treasure in a land called Agrabah. In addition, I must accompany the leader of the men in blue jackets’ son to Disneyworld. I have no idea why this is. I mean, I really think this man should bond with his son. Usually, you don’t have a random man take the other man’s son to Disneyworld. Nevertheless, it is something I have to do if I ever want to see my wife again.
Now, to get back on track, I should probably talk to you about the treasure. Apparently, I must complete a certain amount of tasks, but in a certain amount of time. The first task is to enter the Cave of Wonder by saying the secret password, “Pillow”.
Next, once I am in to the cave I will need to find a purple rug, yet, I am colorblind so, whatever is apparently purple I will have trouble finding in the Room of Rugs.
Thirdly, I will have to walk up a series of flights of stairs to reach the Treasure Room. Frankly, I am not looking forward to this challenge because lately I’ve been going a little heavy on the sweets. For this reason, when I get to the cave I’m hoping there will be some other way of transport such as an elevator or something.
Lastly, the men said something about a golden lamp at the top of the stairs. That, to my knowledge, is the treasure. They said I’d get the lamp and come back so they would let my wife go. aladdin-oil-lampsBut, they said if I touched anything in the rooms I would never come out of the cave again, so, I am forced to be careful when climbing the stairs especially with all the treasure around it. I just wish there was something I could do to avoid climbing the stairs.

Thank you,
Sophia Hamann


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