Week Without Walls Reflection

   From October 21 to the 26, 13 students endured the short bus ride to the Culinary Institute in Lo Barnechea for Nido de Aguilas‘ Week Without Walls. The students, and I were ready for a week of cooking. Once we got to the institute it appeared to be a small house, but it had so much more. We entered the kitchen and saw our names embroidered on clean, white jackets. I interviewed the student, Ariana de Andrade, who accompanied me on this trip and she said, “It was exciting to work in a professional kitchen with so much more space than I’m used to and as I looked around I saw so many different tools i was excited to work with.Image

   Everyday we came into the kitchen, dressed in our offcial cook outfits and became the process. The students were divided into three groups: hot, cold, and dessert. On the first day Ariana’s group led us to the hot food. And so the next day we would work with cold and so forth. Everyday we would follow the recipies and just cook Ariana said, “It was cool to work with tools you couldn’t find at home.” This was true. everyday we would work with different tools and learned new techniques. “I never knew that working in a professional kitchen required so much attention to rules,” said Ariana. We worked on following the rules and making sure there was never an accident in the kitchen.

   On the last day of WWW, we all were required to serve a multi course meal for our friends and family. We cleaned the venue, set the tables and prepared to cater the meal. Everyone was assigned different jobs, including serving and cooking. Ariana and I were chefs for the evening. This opportunity gave us a chance to see a live kitchen at work. Whenever someone goes to a restaurant and is just talking to their family or friends, they are just waiting to be served in the peaceful restaurant. But no one seems to know what effort goes into making a meal look effortless. It was difficult to keep up with the constant coming in and out of waiters and waitresses wanting more food very quickly, but in the end it was a very good and helpful experience, said Ariana.

   “I think this opportunity has led me to the conclusion that I don’t want to be a chef when I grow up. Sure it could be fun, but I couldn’t handle that much pressure,” said Ariana. Ariana saw they even through she wanted to be a chef when she was younger it helped her in a way to eliminate one of her career choices.

   I asked Ariana about her future WWW choices and she concluded, After seeing what it was like to be a chef it allowed me to see that week without walls is an opportunity for the future. “I probably will go to the college trips to find what I want to do and where I want to go.”

   The culinary trip showed all of us what it was like not to just be a chef, but our future. We learned the difficulty of working as a professional chef,” said Ariana, “It allowed us to appreciate the different choices of what we can do with our future.” This experience just showed what we are capable to do when we look towards our future.Image


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