Pitch Letter

Over 140 Different Jobs; All Making the Happiest Place on Earth Even Happier

November 2, 2013

Mr. Editor,

In 1952, our very own Walt Disney had a vision that would change the face of Disney forever. The Walt Disney Company developed Disney Imagineers to create Disney. Imagineering is the concept of combining both imagination and engineering. Could you imagine designing California Adventure in Disneyland, California? The imagineers create all aspects of the Disney company, such as parks and cruises.

Imagineers are hired to create the world of Disney as well as improve problems already in the company. For example, Disney’s’ Soarin’ Over California created problems of all equal viewing in the audience. One Imagineer came up with the idea to simulate hang gliding while looking at a large screen to create a realistic experience.

My question is how can you become a Disney Imagineer? For these answers, I looked to Ricky Brigante interviewing former Imagineer, Don Carson. “What you have to do with Imagineering is you have to show them that you have the skill base to take on whatever the job is at hand that you’re interested in.”

Landing a job in Disney Imagineering is very difficult. I would like to research what imagineering is and how you get there. I will try to contact individual imagineers to try to get the closest information available. I think I would be good at researching this topic because I am very interested in this career. I am a young writer and I have been publishing my works on my website: https://sophiahamann.wordpress.com/

Thank you for this opportunity.


Sophia Hamann


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