Final Progress – Up to December 10:

Collecting information all gathering contacts has seemed a lot easier compared with my new problem. I am having difficulty to tell my piece like a story and integrating quotes in my work.

I am having trouble telling it like a story because I’m not sure of my angle in the story. I don’t know what perspective it should be taken from, but I hope when I start writing, my angle will naturally come across. For integrating quotes, I’m not sure on the format of the how to properly work them into my piece.

Being a writer is not an easy task. You could be given a general topic and be told to give an angle but you have no idea what perspective to show in your piece. It has made me realize that in order for my piece to come out successfully, I need to find different ways to tell it like a story.


Progress Up to December 3:

For the past weeks I have collected information on my topic. I have only received a response from past Walt Disney Imagineer, Don Carson. It has been difficult to research the topic and find contacts.

I found Don’s email on his artwork website and I contacted him and he responded momentarily. I sent him the questions about Imagineering, however, it took him several days to respond, because of the holidays in the US.

He send me a very good, detailed response, but still I would like a more current Imagineer to incite me on more recent things happening in the company.

Disney’s accessibility is very frustrating because of the content they want to reserve just for the cast members. As a writer I am discovering new ways to find information and revising my piece to adapt to the minimal information I have been given. It will still contain Disney Imagineering, just less focus on the original idea.


Progress Up to November 25:

For the past weeks, I have been gathering information on my topic, Walt Disney Imagineering. I have been contacting different sources and researching what Imagineering actually is. I have had many struggles and few triumphs. I have been reviewing the secrecy and complexity of Disney itself.

As for finding information for Imagineering has not been that difficult, being a Worldwide company, there is still trouble finding out what it truly is. There is no official website for Imagineering, only fan-made sites. It is very difficult to find out what Imagineering is, but I believe it to be many different things and different occupations in the company. What I discovered is that there are many jobs available if you want to be an imagineer, for example you are considered an imagineer even if you are an accountant for the company! I also learned that if Disney truly wants you and you very much want a job in the company, but there are no jobs available, Disney will practically create a position for you.

It is a whole different story for contacting Imagineers. Disney is a very secretive company that does not let contact information go easily, unless it is to the general company’s website on where they do not reveal the contact information you are sending it to. I have contacted a few imagineers through LinkedIn and Facebook. I have also contacted the general Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Imagineering, and PIXAR websites. My only triumph so far had been to former Imagineer, Don Carson, whom after I found his personal email and contacted him responded in just a few minutes. I responded saying I would have the questions sent to him 11/26/13.


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